Enter the World of Formica

Turning leads into repeat customers with an innovative force

Diligence in Customer Acquisition

Our company is based upon the philosophy of working diligently towards developing our partners’ successful marketing initiatives – we build the infrastructure, you do business.

With the products we offer on the market, we ensure you achieve excellent results in every business’ fundamental practice: gaining and maintaining customers.

The Efficient Solution to a Dynamic Market Environment

Discover a wide range of possibilities with our carefully selected services, designed specifically to boost your marketing strategy and stay competitive in the market.

Formica CRM

When it comes to the overall customer experience, most businesses are considered to be “stuck in the dark”. With our integrated CRM platform, we provide an effectively operating sales, marketing, and support software for effective business management.

Lead Database Management

Gain access to a management system that shares, and assigns leads to specific members on your Sales team, so they can promptly follow up with “hot” leads. In doing so, your business in enabled to effectively handle prospective customers, never missing their potential.

GDPR Compliance

As a company that specializes in data collection and lead qualification for sales, as well as marketing teams, we believe GDPR is very important. Therefore, our platform is fully GDPR compliant and offers full support to customers in this regard.

Unleashing Creative Automation Possibilities

Gain access to a full growth suite, which includes of efficiently operating sales, marketing, and support software, integrated automatically through our FormicaCRMTM platform.

Having all of your data and growth activity in one place gives you the opportunity to unleash a great amount of creative automation possibilities, which would be difficult or impossible when using separate tools.

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