About Our Company

Client Communication is Key

At Formica we strongly believe in the values of diligence and professionalism when it comes to our business and the solutions we offer. We build the infrastructure on which you can develop your successful marketing business.

As a solutions provider, we regard client acquisition as the most fundamental part of any business in modern marketing culture. The art of how to handle leads properly, turning them into repeat customers, is a craft we have mastered throughout the years of our vast experience in the industry. Needless to say, a good product and well executed marketing campaigns is highly essential, however, it is not enough to build a strong rapport with your client base.

Build Valuable B2C Relationships

At Formica, we have discovered that in order to be effective in your business, must find a path to your prospects and future clients – communication is key in this regard

This is where we and our innovative products come in.

Our team efficiently assists you in reaching potential clients and once on board, we provide you with a customer relationship platform, helping you maintain an ongoing open communication channel which is crucial to today’s businesses.