Our Products

Stay Competitive In A Dynamic World

Formica has put its efforts towards creating one integrated product, which is the FormicaCRMTM platform.

The mentioned integrated system is geared to meet the needs and consistent demands of the marketing world’s dynamic, ever-changing requirements. Therefore, it allows for businesses to put their focus on their core strategic planning and technological advancements, not having to worry about the periphery of their ongoing client management.

Have Your Data and Growth Activity in One Place

Our system also includes a sales, marketing, and support software, all integrated automatically within the CRM. Having all of your data and growth activity in one place gives you the opportunity to unleash a great amount of creative automation possibilities, which would be difficult or impossible when using separate tools.

Moreover, Formica’s business model is one which is built upon sharing the success of their clients, having no setup or retainer fees, thus creating a true partnership between us and our partners. Therefore, our team constantly puts effort to expand our product and improve our efficiency.